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An Easy Remedy to New or Tempory Teaching Rooms.

When faced with the need for new or temporary classrooms, educational institutions often seek efficient and practical solutions to accommodate their students. Modular classrooms emerge as an easy and effective remedy to this challenge. These pre-fabricated structures offer a swift and convenient way to expand campus facilities without compromising on quality or functionality.

  • We can deliver sepearate toilets and washrooms.

  • Hygienic food preparation rooms.

  • Any space or room you require can be built.

Time Scale

Due to our extensive, dedicated and diverse team of trades people. An extensive amount of work can be done safely within our factory. These include gas, electric and plumbing installations. Unfortunately but not often, there can be unforseen problems when installing on any site. If you do have any there is no need to worry, our devoted team have had many years of experience and have a plethora of solutions.

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