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A hand holding a green earth demonstrating Sustainable construction

Meeting the demands for the Environment.

Wintech Modular Projects are proud to announce that our buildings meet the latest building regulations. Incorporating thermal bridge reduction and thermal insulation, we are now reaching the required U-values. Our buildings have also recently passed and airtightness test while at the same time achieve adequate ventilation. This not only means that we are now nearing a passivehause standard but we are very close to achieving carbon neutrality. Meeting the demands of the environment can be a

challenge but we need to start thinking about future generations.

A greener Earth.

BREEAM Certification and Green Building Standards

As champions of sustainable building practices, we're committed to achieving BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Methodology) certification and adhering to green building standards that promote environmental sustainability and wellness. Partner with us to ensure that your classrooms meet the highest standards of eco-friendly construction and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable learning environment for generations to come.

Elevate your school's commitment to sustainability with our innovative sustainable modular designs. From eco-conscious design and construction to energy-efficient features and rapid deployment, Wintech Modular Projects is your trusted partner for creating eco-friendly learning spaces that inspire, empower, and educate. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable modular solutions and how we can help you build a brighter, greener future for your school community.

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